Is It Really A Strategy Problem?

On 15th February, Ed from System//level joined a global set of facilitators of Lego(R) SeriousPlay(R) online to explore our experiences of dealing with corporate strategy, and especially the challenges in helping people work at a strategic level while building 3D metaphors. One of the take away conclusions (unsurprisingly?) was that most strategic issues are really communications issues dressed up as, or perceived as, “management problems”.

Probably 90% of workshops I’ve run end with internal communication as the key barrier to business progress.

Why is this?

It’s because communication is a bidirectional, proactive, multi-agent undertaking… and internal business communications very, very rarely work like that.

If you want to really know what your team is capable of — maybe stop trying to tell them!

Stop even asking them. If you ask an employee a question, you’ll get a consciously premeditated answer that they think is what you want to hear.

Sound familiar?

Try something different. Ask an LSP facilitator to help. Trust their hands.