Honestly, these are not that frequently actually asked, but here are some sensible questions. Do feel free to ask anything else though!

Q: Do you work for Lego?
A: No. Lego produce 4 dedicated kits for SeriousPlay®, and facilitators must comply with the trademark rules and ownership of all methods and materials remains with Lego Group A/S.

Q: Do I need to be a master builder to get value from SeriousPlay(R)?
A: Absolutely not. In fact – being too familiar and competent with Lego® in general can hinder the value of SeriousPlay®. This is because you know there’s a piece just so that does exactly what you want so you prioritise the pieces or the form rather than the meaning or metaphor, and moreover this slows the process and can kick you out of flow.

Q: If I want to use this in my team do I need to invest in loads of bricks?
A: This is a choice. It depends what you think your objectives are, what your objectives really are, and how you want to deploy SeriousPlay®. The important thing is that all participants have identical resources (or nearly identical, or a sufficiently large pool of resources that there isn’t any inherent imbalance). For business workshops I use new kits every time. For short informal intros I reuse the contents of Starter Kits or classic boxes. Overall however – remember that LSP is possible with very few bricks.