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Innovation Management

Project Design and Management

Project management is not drawing a Gantt chart and then modifying it when your progress doesn’t match the chart. We can offer training in preparing project management planning, or prepare complete plans if you don’t have the capacity. The main aspects covered are –

  • PERT
  • Scheduling
  • Risk Management
  • Decision Processes
  • Conflict Resolution

Bid Writing

Clear, focussed bid writing for innovation grants is difficult and time consuming. Businesses are often too close to their work to be able to explain in, with context, in a way that is accessible and relevant to funding bodies.

Working with a network of associates, Systemlevel has written successful complete proposals for the European Commission Horizon 2020 programme, for InnovateUK SMART awards, and for the UK Space Agency NSTP programme. Technical expertise combined with thorough understanding of the schemes and the points the assessors are looking for leads to winning proposals.

Proposal Reviews

Ed has been involved in proposal reviews and project selection for national and international funding instruments. Consistency matters!

  • Does your schedule match your activities?
  • Are the milestones logical and evidence-driven?
  • Are you managing risk appropriately?
  • If nothing else – is the spelling and grammar good?

Any little thing that makes the assessor uncomfortable reading a proposal leads to an emotional response that jeopardises your chances of success!

Under confidentiality agreements, let a funding expert critically review your proposal. This is a fast and effective way to raise your chances.

Who Will Benefit

SMEs who want help to advance their ideas and receive funding to push innovations forwards to market.