Systems engineering, requirements analysis and management, architecture trade-offs, design, prototyping. Getting ideas  realised, and problems solved.

Systemlevel has expertise in software and internet technologies gained through many projects. While every client is different, we typically cover the following range of activities –

  • Spacecraft systems engineering
  • Operations research and Evolutionary Computing
  • Embedded controller design
  • Automation
  • Web application development, hosting, deployment
  • Software development and scripting
  • ASIC design (Verilog)
  • Data, database and software expertise to solve analytic and automation problems.
  • Bespoke Database and API Development – we can provide customised, resilient, backend infrastructure for mobile applications or distributed software systems.
  • Prototyping APIs and Web Services – Functional deployment of concept software to assist in system design and integration while specifications may still evolve.
  • Custom scripting/programming for data handling and process automation.


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